Policy Coverage

Mulberry’s Property Owners Policy provides exceptional protection. Our clients benefit from superior policy wordings provided by a number of the world’s leading risk carriers. Combined with our underwriter’s expertise we can produce a tailored policy to suit specific requirements for complete protection.

Portfolio Analysis

We offer a confidential portfolio analysis service which involves minimal effort on your part and is provided free of charge. We carry out a detailed review of your insurance cover testing how competitive the premium is and carrying out thorough checks to identify any issues with the suitability of the cover in place.

Claims Management

Our leading claims management team focus on ensuring claims are settled promptly and efficiently. Our extensive underwriting knowledge and experience enables us to negotiate directly with insurers in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

Mulberry Global

Mulberry Insurance and Redstone Infra formed a Joint Venture vehicle known as Mulberry Global, to provide innovative insurance solutions for infrastructure projects. Together we provide comprehensive insurance solutions individually tailored for each of the projects, from inception to completion.



We stand out in the marketplace by challenging the status quo and offering immediate protection backed by our superior policy wordings. We will reduce your overall risk budget, and provide a unique back-office administration service.


Acquired over 30 years, we have a significant number of portfolios with a total property purchase value exceeding £5billion.


We have long-standing relationships with a number of the worlds largest insurers. Together we deliver tailored, financially secure and fully compliant policies that reduce your risk budget.

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